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На фото: подвал в стиле лофт с серыми стенами и паркетным полом среднего тона с
European Heritage
European Heritage
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Just Venice Rovere Scuro - Basement

Just Venice replicates wood at its best. A true plank size of 1800x268mm, brings the reality of wooden beauty, right into your living space. Like different wooden posts, they join at the surface of the water to create a dolphin structure, similar to the Just Venice line of tiles, which join in your rooms to create your own personal style. Smooth or coarse, elaborated or rustic, each piece of wood encloses many aspects, just as many as its veins and with just as many colours. Strength, fineness and vigour: the many personalities are inscribed in the colours and in the shades of wood. This range is truly an inspiring creation that will provide refinement and sophistication to any living space.