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Источник вдохновения для домашнего уюта: солнечный, осенний регулярный сад среднего размера на склоне в современном стиле с подпорной стенкой, хорошей освещенностью и мощением тротуарной плиткой
Serge van der Voo Landscapes LLC
Serge van der Voo Landscapes LLC
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Glacier Hills Retirement Community

Facing about a dozen single standing Villa units, this tiered-retaining wall and large planting bed replaced a once eroded hillside consisting of clay and rutted sod. With the retainment wall in place a healthy mix of sand and topsoil provided the foundation for a full mix of colorful groundcovers, perennials, grasses, shrubs, and trees. Once established residents often remarked about the amount of bird nests and feeding taking place in the garden throughout the seasons.