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На фото: дом в классическом стиле
Outdoor Lighting Perspectives - Chagrin Falls
Outdoor Lighting Perspectives - Chagrin Falls
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Focal feature outdoor lighting in Cleveland area's Aurora OH

As you move your eyes from the far left side of this image to the far right side, you will notice that we highlighted two very interesting elements of this landscape. To the far left, you'll see a unique stone sculpture. This sculpture was hand built by the owners of reclaimed stone and it's stunning. Now the owners can enjoy the sculpture as they take an evening stroll across their property or as they drive into their property. On another photo in this gallery you'll see the antique refurbished outhouse to the far right of this photo. Wait until you see it close up. It follows in the theme of reclaimed materials to make a spectacular landscape. We chose to illuminate these focal features.

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