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Стильный дизайн: двухэтажный, синий частный загородный дом среднего размера в современном стиле с серой крышей - последний тренд
Michael Nash Design, Build & Homes
Michael Nash Design, Build & Homes
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Expansive New Master Suite and Upgraded Garage in Great Falls Virginia

For these senior homeowners residing in this Great Falls, Virginia home they desired a first story master suite addition and a two-door garage separate from the main portion of their home in place of a two-car garage. The plan includes conversion of the prior two-door garage into a master bedroom and bathroom with closets. The floor was rebuilt to match the existing house level, eliminating center beam and post with structural beams, with the addition of a mudroom and two-door garage with a side entrance to back yard. The driveway, entrance and turn around access, required new underground drainages for run off and slope of driveway. With features such as wide doorway and entrances, a ramp upwards from garage floor to mudroom entrance and master bedroom, make this addition perfect for aging homeowners. A new HVAC unit for bedroom and bath were installed. The wood flooring creates a smooth transition to the existing part of the home. New windows allow more daylight to enter the seating area as well as expand the front view of their yard. Additional amenities include the curb less shower stall and wide hallways, double vanities, and heated floor. The seamless connection of the existing home with its new addition makes this project unique within the neighborhood.