Contemporary Bathroom

Источник вдохновения для домашнего уюта: главная ванная комната в современном стиле с отдельно стоящей ванной, настольной раковиной, плоскими фасадами, белыми фасадами, белой плиткой, плиткой кабанчик, белыми стенами и унитазом-моноблоком —  Houzz
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The IMPORTANCE of SILICONE ! Applied after tiling and grouting, silicone is important because it ensures the joints are sealed and, therefore, made waterproof. It’s preferable to match the color of the silicone to the tile in order for it not to stand out. The type of silicone you choose is also key. Most grout manufacturers now make their own silicone to color-match the grout. In a ceramic or porcelain bathroom, look for a high modulus acetoxy-based silicone that is anti-mould, anti-bacterial or anti-fungal. For natural stone, a neutral-cure formula is required to ensure the silicone doesn’t ‘bleed’ through into the stone or lose its adhesion.

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Toilet without tank and holder for brush

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