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Стильный дизайн: гардеробная комната в современном стиле - последний тренд
CosyCloset Ltd.
CosyCloset Ltd.
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British Properties Walk-In Closet

Stunning custom Walk-In Closet in the heart of West Vancouver British Columbia. Ultra modern, contemporary high-end design with a classic feel. Enhanced with accent lighting, TAG Hardware accessories, full wall floating shoe shelve organizing system and mirror door. Specifics: - Color : Tete-a-Tete - 3/4" thickness boards Double hangers and corner shelf to maximize storage space and give a unified look to the corner - Tie Rods - Floating Shoe Shelves with TAG Hardware Shoe Fence - TAG Hardware Pant Organizer and Folding Station (Engage Collection) Slate grey finish with slate fabric - Mirror Door to cover the existing shelves. - Coastal shaker door - LED tape lights installed directly in the wood. 120 LEDs per meter - Comes in two colors , Neutral White (shown here) and Warm White - Can be used with a dimmable power supply to control the brightness

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