Blue Cabinets and Mirror in Guest Bathroom

**Project Overview**
This new custom home is filled with personality and individual touches that make it true to the owners' vision. When creating the guest bath, they wanted to do something truly unique and a little bit whimsical. The result is a custom-designed furniture piece vanity in a custom royal blue finish, as well as matching mirror frames.

**What Makes This Project Unique?**
The clients had an image in their minds and were determined to find a place for it in their new custom home. Their love of bold blue and this unique style led to the creation of this one-of-a-kind piece. The room is bathed in natural light, and the use of light colors in the tile to complement the brilliant blue, help ensure that the space remains light, airy and welcoming.

**Design Challenges**
Because this furniture piece doesn't start with a standard vanity, our biggest challenge was simply determining what pieces we could draw upon from a semi-custom custom cabinet line.

Photo by MIke Kaskel

На фото: маленькая детская ванная комната в классическом стиле с фасадами в стиле шейкер, синими фасадами, синей плиткой, плиткой из листового стекла, синими стенами, мраморным полом, мраморной столешницей, серым полом и серой столешницей с —  Houzz
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Mary Catherine Anderson добавил(а) это в Bathroom3 мая 2019 г.

I like this double vanity and cabinet as well as the style with the double mirrors. I’m not sure if one large mirror makes the small bathroom look bigger. If it does, then perhaps one large mirror is best. Otherwise, I like this style, just not the bold colors.

shelbylisette добавил(а) это в Bathrooms23 апреля 2019 г.

Blue with mother of pearl back wall

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