Bedroom @ West Coast- Room 1

Photo Credit: Stefen Chow Photography

We thoroughly love this project...and every bit of it! The design process...the detailing...even the tedious construction :) We have to give a big thanks to the extremely patient and skilful carpenter who painstakingly crafted out every bit of the room all by himself!

The client came to us requesting for a warm, clean and modern sanctuary to work, rest and relax within. A "storage box" inserted with a relaxation niche was conceptualized to naturally segregate the work, rest and relax areas within the room. Taking the client's initials, we playfully created a subtle pattern to add a personalized touch to the room design. Can you figure out the two letters used?

Стильный дизайн: хозяйская спальня среднего размера в современном стиле с белыми стенами и темным паркетным полом без камина - последний тренд —  Houzz
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Yvonne Koh добавил(а) это в Wish List30 ноября 2017 г.

a box like space that creates a small cosy n private corner for relaxation

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Bedroom @ West Coast- Room 1
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