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На фото: двор среднего размера на заднем дворе в стиле рустика с летней кухней, покрытием из бетонных плит и навесом с
Archadeck of Austin
Archadeck of Austin
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Austin Patio and Outdoor Kitchen Overlooking the Colorado River

A great feature of this patio makeover is its new railing system. We used Fortress iron railings in the hammered bronze color. These iron railings are sturdy and much thinner than the home’s original cedar railings, and they don’t obstruct the beautiful views of the valley and the river below. It’s almost as though you can see right through them. We like this particular style of railing because of its hammered look with dimples and ribbons in the bronze color. It adds a vintage-inspired appeal and at the same time keeps a low profile. What’s more, it’s forgiving because it already looks “hammered.” You can’t hurt it!