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На фото: гостиная комната в стиле неоклассика (современная классика)
Boston Design and Interiors, Inc.
Boston Design and Interiors, Inc.
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Art Deco with Egyptian Revival/Neoclassical roots

This large 30 by 40 foot grand living room was defined by the use of three large area rugs- a conversation area to the right, a dining area to the left, and a passageway to the grounds beyond that connected the house. In this luxurious setting, the silk sofa is framed by shell pink dupioni silk drapes. Notice the unusual pleating-created especially for this project- to emulate the look of lotus buds- a motif used in Egyptian ornamentation. The black pole with god leaf finials keeps the design neoclassical. The three horizontal bands on the leading edge captures the art deco design aesthetic.