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TKS Design Group
TKS Design Group
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A Star is Born!

Download our free ebook, Creating the Ideal Kitchen. DOWNLOAD NOW A tired primary bathroom, with varying ceiling heights and a beige-on-beige color scheme, was screaming for love. Squaring the room and adding natural materials erased the memory of the lack luster space and converted it to a bright and welcoming spa oasis. The home was a new build in 2005 and it looked like all the builder’s material choices remained. The client was clear on their design direction but were challenged by the differing ceiling heights and were looking to hire a design-build firm that could resolve that issue. This local Glen Ellyn couple found us on Instagram (@kitchenstudioge, follow us ?). They loved our designs and felt like we fit their style. They requested a full primary bath renovation to include a large shower, soaking tub, double vanity with storage options, and heated floors. The wife also really wanted a separate make-up vanity. The biggest challenge presented to us was to architecturally marry the various ceiling heights and deliver a streamlined design. The existing layout worked well for the couple, so we kept everything in place, except we enlarged the shower and replaced the built-in tub with a lovely free-standing model. We also added a sitting make-up vanity. We were able to eliminate the awkward ceiling lines by extending all the walls to the highest level. Then, to accommodate the sprinklers and HVAC, lowered the ceiling height over the entrance and shower area which then opens to the 2-story vanity and tub area. Very dramatic! This high-end home deserved high-end fixtures. The homeowners also quickly realized they loved the look of natural marble and wanted to use as much of it as possible in their new bath. They chose a marble slab from the stone yard for the countertops and back splash, and we found complimentary marble tile for the shower. The homeowners also liked the idea of mixing metals in their new posh bathroom and loved the look of black, gold, and chrome. Although our clients were very clear on their style, they were having a difficult time pulling it all together and envisioning the final product. As interior designers it is our job to translate and elevate our clients’ ideas into a deliverable design. We presented the homeowners with mood boards and 3D renderings of our modern, clean, white marble design. Since the color scheme was relatively neutral, at the homeowner’s request, we decided to add of interest with the patterns and shapes in the room. We were first inspired by the shower floor tile with its circular/linear motif. We designed the cabinetry, floor and wall tiles, mirrors, cabinet pulls, and wainscoting to have a square or rectangular shape, and then to create interest we added perfectly placed circles to contrast with the rectangular shapes. The globe shaped chandelier against the square wall trim is a delightful yet subtle juxtaposition. The clients were overjoyed with our interpretation of their vision and impressed with the level of detail we brought to the project. It’s one thing to know how you want a space to look, but it takes a special set of skills to create the design and see it thorough to implementation. Could hiring The Kitchen Studio be the first step to making your home dreams come to life?