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Идея дизайна: большая изогнутая деревянная лестница в современном стиле с деревянными ступенями и перилами из смешанных материалов
Century Stair Company
Century Stair Company
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51_Elegant and Welcoming Twin Curved Staircase, Alexandria VA 22060

These twin circular stairs and curved balcony speak pure elegance and transform the home’s foyer into an impressive architectural space that sets the tone for the rest of the house. Both staircases showcase black wrought-iron balusters, oak treads and oak stringers; all oak handrail custom components were optimized by our CNC machines to create the smooth and beautiful transitions. Templates were provided during the framing phase to make sure we had a perfect fit along the curved walls; it was definitively a collaborative effort between the client, project manager, and design/manufacturing team at Century Stair. CSC © 1976-2020 Century Stair Company. All rights reserved.