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Marilee C
Hello! Can you please tell me what type of finish was used on this? It appears to be hot rolled steel but I just left a steel manufacturer and all their rolled steel was darker. Thanks in advance for any specifics you can provide!
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    Audrey Kerchner
    Sorry I don't know.
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    Phoenix Handcraft
    It looks like cold rolled steel to me. Hot rolled steel has mill scale on it, thus the darker color. Cold rolled tends to be smoother and a light grey like this. This also has been lightly buffed and clear coated. Hope this helps.
  • Marilee C
    thank you, both!
  • joko3630
    I love the look of this. With the heat, is there anything to worry about with the clear coat? What do you use?
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    Phoenix Handcraft
    There are a couple of high-heat clear coats on the market. Sculpt Nouvea makes one we use frequently. Another alternative is religiously applying a paste wax- about once a month. This creates a beautiful finish and is one of our favorites to use for interior ironwork. Check out our website for multiple examples.
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